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Xinalini Retreat

Mexico Nov. 21-28, 2020

Mark your calendars we are doing it again!
Join Tara Newbigging for a week to connect, reflect and RISE. 

We all live busy lives, therefore, it is very important that we take time for self. This week will be all about YOU, listening to what your soul desires and what your heart wants. Getting clear and having some fun with nowhere to go, nothing to do and no one to be but YOU. We will dance, we will laugh, we will cry, we will dream and together we will RISE. Within each woman there is a girl waiting to be heard, earning to let go, and craving to have fun! Join us for this amazing week of bliss. 

A more detailed schedule will be sent closer to the retreat dates, however, your day will flow like this:
Rise and shine and enjoy a quiet morning to yourself with yourself. Grab a coffee and sit quietly to journal or hang out in a hammock listening to the waves and watching the sunrise. Join for a morning yoga/bodywork practice to wake your mind body and soul. Tara will lead you through a morning flow (all levels) that will drop you into your own personal space for your day. Enjoy a nourishing breakfast followed by some afternoon actives and adventures. Each day will be a different experience. 

Lunch will be healthy and will set you up for some late afternoon BooTy® classes and workshops that will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed for the evening. Enjoy a lovely group gathering and dinner with laughs and great chats with other ladies. Finish the evening with stargazing, relaxing evening actives or just head to bed for some much-needed beauty rest to do it all over again the next day!

Check out the website:

Deluxe Room:
Double Occupation: $1595 USD
Single Occupation: $2125 USD

Petite Suite:
Double Occupation: $1825 USD
Single Occupation: $2490 USD

Eco-Chic Suite:
Double Occupation: $2125 USD
Single Occupation: $2895 USD

Flights not included. 

To book: Contact Cathy Wassermann
Travel and Retreat Consultant
 Direct: 289-344-0089
Phone: 905-873-2000 
(Toll-Free: 800-263-5575 ext 1232)



Join for the

April 3-5th


Craving a weekend getaway that gives you space, time and activities to connect, reflect and evolve with self. 
Look no further! 

Join Tara Newbigging and 15 other women who are looking for a little RnR time to breathe in the fresh air, gain connection with themselves, eat healthy, nourishing meals, and gain perspective and clarity on their heart's desires. 


We have rented the entire Bell Cabin at the Alpine club where we have a full cabin with fireplace, dorm-style rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, WIFI, and amazing views. Towels and blankets and pillows are all provided so all you need is yourself and your clothes. The cabin sits on the sunny side of town in the mountains, looking out towards the three sisters mountain range. Throughout the weekend we will be doing a variety of activities at the cabin as well as at Studio b. downtown. 

Activities & Adventure: 

Yoga Flow 
Hikes (all levels) 
Private live concert with the amazing Julie Chang
Cooking lesson
Meditation and Journaling time (optional) 

Nutrition and Healthy Eating: 

We will have a private health and wellness coach and chef that will be making all of our homemade meals that will consist of a 3-day gut-healing meal plan. You will be getting a take-home 3-day healing gut eating plan. You will get recipes and education on meal prepping to save time and eat healthy for both yourself and your family. There will be support and coaching around goal setting and nutrition as well. 


Natasha Mackesey will be our Chef / Nutrition Coach.










Health is such a huge focus of my life. Putting a focus on my overall health and wellness has brought clarity to my life and passion into every day. That combined with my desire to see others succeed has brought me to where I am today. 

Nutrition and fitness have given my body the tools it needed to heal itself, allowed me to summit mountains, get paid to travel the world and has now allowed me to bring my son into this world (when so many doctors told me it was not going to happen for me). Throughout my childhood and early adult years I struggled with self-image, low self-esteem, unhealthy relationship with food/eating disorders, depression - you name it. It wasn't until I found a passion for fitness that something just 'clicked for me’ Health isn't just about working out... yes, that's a part of it but it's about proper nutrition and positive mental attitude. I want to work with you to not only reach your fitness goals but also to reach your personal life goals as well. To live nourished incorporates all aspects of your life. It's what makes you thrive. 


"I will help guide you through the process of healing yourself from the inside out while nourishing your soul and igniting your taste buds. On the contrary to what you've heard in the past, healthy eating doesn't have to taste bad."



Tara will be providing activities in a group setting around soul coaching and building year goals and visions for what you desire. Leave learning more about yourself so that you can evolve and grow and heal on many levels. 

Everyone will go home with a nice gift bag full of things, as well as on Sunday after closing circle everyone will have time to hit up some local shops for shopping and get discounts on specific stores. 














The entire weekend is all-inclusive. 
You just have to sign up and show up. 
We only have 15 spots! 

$549.00 + GST 

Payment plan: 

Action Taker rate: $549.00 + GST ($576.45)
Sign up and pay in full to reserve your spot. 

If you need to make two payments contact Tara Newbigging 

To sign up send an EMT to ($576.45)
Or pay with Visa with the link. 


Emails with information and questions will be sent out to the entire group once we have all 15 spots boked 


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