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Our Intentions

  • To provide a space where anyone can come and BE. 

  • To help participants connect, mind, and body. Providing feelings of space, peace, clarity, freedom, motivation, strength, connection, and calmness. 

  • We recognize that in a community focused on the outdoors and enjoyment, that providing a service for individuals to come inside and strengthen both their mind and body is important.

  • To provide a co-shared workspace for other fitness, health, and wellness professionals to share in their education and offerings to the community. 

  • To inspire, to educate, to help, and to collaborate in making our community and world a better place. 




Tara Newbigging


Entrepreneur, the mastermind behind the BooTy® program, Soul Coach, Fitness Coach, Yoga Teacher, and adventure seeker residing in the Canadian Rockies. Tara has a Bachelor of Physical Health and Education with a Major in Health Promotion. Beyond the labels, she is a passionate individual who loves to inspire people and help them discover their talents and gifts. 'My Mission is to encourage and empower others to achieve higher levels of personal wellness and fulfillment.'


STUDIO b. Canmore was opened by Tara Newbigging in October 2019. Tara provides a space with a variety of movement styles or individuals to connect, strengthen, and align both their bodies and minds. 


Here is my WHY.


"To provide a space for people to come and BE.

Whether needing to be free, strong, still, calm, balanced, centred or focused. I wanted to provide a space of service for people to come and just be. I also wanted to help individuals throughout stages and changes of life. We are strongly connected with our minds, bodies, and emotions and  I want to help people understand human emotion, actions, and reactions to the things within us and around us. I feel that mental health, healing, human desires, and actions are all linked together. If we can understand what's going on within us, we can learn how to BE." 


Tara Newbigging 



Founder of the BooTy® Progam

 STUDIO b. Canmore owner



Our Address:
830 Main Street Unit #106, Canmore, AB.
Getting Here:

We are located in downtown Canmore on Main Street in the same mall as Bagel Co. The mall beside the Wood restaurant and bar. You can enter the mall from the main street and come to the back or you can enter the mall from the back parking lot where Arts Place is located. We are on the right-hand side as soon as you enter the mall from the back.